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Monthly Archives: January 2013

2012 in review

2012 is not our last year on Earth. Hallelujah. Now I can see all the upcoming masterpieces of 2013. But what about the films of 2012? Well, you can visit to see my list of the top ten best films of the year. But only here will you see the other lists. I got my top five favorite films and the five worst of the year below just for you. Enjoy.

Top Five Faves of 2012

Dredd1. Dredd– At first viewing, I thought the film was decent. But each successive trip to Mega City One made the film more rich and more encompassing. I saw it three times in 3D and loved every minute. It may have bombed at the box office, but the film really sticks with me as one of the few films I saw multiple times in theaters this past year.

2. Detachment– You’ve heard me rave about this film for months, and I still think it’s one to recommend to anyone who will listen. I became an Adrien Brody fan after this movie, which is not an easy task given his film choices as of late.

3. Cabin in the Woods– A horror film that knows its audience and doesn’t dumb it down for ticket sales. Last year had Tucker & Dale vs. Evil as brilliant horror comedy; this year is Cabin in the Woods.

4. Cloud Atlas– This film is everything I love about cinema: smart script, great visuals, and a cast and crew that wouldn’t dilute a story for accessibility. Cloud Atlas is a deep experience that rewards the viewer each and every time.

for-a-good-time-call5. For a Good Time Call…– At first, this comedy was really just something I watched to kill time. However, when I bought it later on, I couldn’t help but love it. Something about a movie that’s about phone sex but maintains its warmth and heart makes it a real feat of filmmaking. Like Cabin in the Woods, it’s a movie I constantly want to watch.

Who Wrote This Crap? The Five Worst of 2012

1. Piranha 3DDPiranha 3D was an over-the-top B-movie that went down easily and was quickly forgotten. The sequel however, was a complete wasteland. No interesting scenes or characters and made me feel so cheated after it ended.

2. Total Recall– Who the f*** thought it would be a good idea to remake a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? Here is a textbook of what remakes can do wrong. Everything about it was a joke. Even the homages to the original film felt forced. I hated it.

CosmopolisPoster23. Cosmopolis– Cronenberg is a talented and twisted director. In his film with Robert Pattinson, I was hoping for something bizarre and engaging. What I got was an insulting film that did absolutely nothing. Say what you want about Pattinson, he has potential. Here, however, he didn’t do a thing to show that. Just another great poster for a horrible film.

4. 360– With a script that included multiple narratives and a cast that had Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz, and personal favorite Ben Foster seemed to reach for something like Crash. It failed miserably. The film is self-indulgent garbage and offers no closure or ending. Just because you reference something from earlier on, doesn’t mean everything is connected. You aren’t Cloud Atlas.

5. The Raven– I love John Cusack and director James McTeigue made V for Vendetta, so this seemed highly entertaining. Then I saw the movie and remembered McTeigue also did the god-awful Ninja Assassin and watched a film squander a good premise almost immediately. Of the five worst, this is the least despised, mostly because it failed to meet even the basic levels of credibility and lessened my admiration for The Cusack.