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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Any Day Now

anydaynowI’ve always enjoyed Alan Cumming. Not just as Nightcrawler in X-Men 2: X-Men United, but as a person. I loved seeing him pop up in shows and movies or at award shows. He’s one of those actors whose mere presence makes something more interesting for me.

When I saw the trailer for Any Day Now, I don’t even think I watched the entire thing. I didn’t need anymore convincing. Add in the fact that Garret Dillahunt from Raising Hope was in it, and I was desperate to see the film. Having finally seen the film, I can honestly say it exceeded even my highest expectations. I’m completely stunned and blown away by the masterpiece I just saw.

Any Day Now stars Alan Cumming as Rudy, a drag queen performer struggling to get by in the late 1970s. His neighbor, a drug addict, has a mentally handicapped child she barely raises. When Rudy drops by one morning to demand the blaring music be turned down, he finds the boy, Marco, cowering in the corner alone. Rudy quickly learns that Marco’s mother was arrested and left the boy alone in the apartment, making him a ward of the state. With Rudy’s big heart, he tries to help. With the help of Rudy’s new lover and attorney Paul, Rudy attempts to gain legal custody of Marco while the mother finishes out her sentence. Rudy, Paul, and Marco become a family, but they meet with constant resistance. Rudy and Paul become scrutinized and discriminated because of their sexuality, turning their passion and care for Marco into a massive uphill legal battle.

From beginning to end, this movie is fantastic. I instantly fell in love with the characters and was completely absorbed in it. In a world where it is so easy to multitask or give something half of your attention, this film grabbed ahold of me and would not let go. Cumming is absolutely breathtaking as Rudy, a character he is born to play. His deliver and conviction ground the story when it could otherwise turn to schmaltz. Dillahunt continues to add layers to his ensemble. Once know for mostly cold, emotionless villains, he has exploded with such comic nature in Raising Hope.  In this film, his role is of the realist. He does a tremendous job growing and developing Paul through the movie to give us a rich and deep connection to the character.

I have to say, I’m glad I saw this movie alone. Had anyone been with me, I would have likely bawled my eyes out as the film reached its climax. The love that Paul and Rudy show for each other and for Marco is so heartwarming it was euphoric. Here is a film that shows both the injustices that the LGBT community has suffered in decades past while hinting at how little things have changed. I have never enjoyed seeing couple of men together more than these two. Their chemistry is so authentic.

This film is an absolute must see. Cumming is a revelation and Dillahunt is amazing. And with a story so rich in story and character, I’d rather see more films like this than the milquetoast blockbuster selections at the local multiplex. Had I seen this when it was in theaters, it would have been on my best of the year list easily. As it stands, it may end up on my best of the decade list. 5 out of 5 stars