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The Lincoln Lawyer

Matthew McConaughey has had a rough couple of years. It’s been way too long since he made a great film, like Frailty, and not just another rom-com. Finally, he has found a film to remind us of how talented he is.

McConaughey stars as Mick Haller, a small-time lawyer so busy that he works out of his Lincoln Continental. All is going along fine until a bondsman, played by John Leguizamo, turns him a case bigger than his usual cases. He meets a wealthy playboy realtor named Louis Roulet, a man charged with beating and raping a woman. But what starts as an easy case for Mick, quickly unravels and brings a past case back to life. The stakes keeping getting raised until he finds himself in a very difficult situation.

McConaughey does a great job slipping into the role of Mick. Backed by a cast stronger than most modern law dramas only further elevates him. From Marisa Tomei to William H. Macy, each actor plays his or her character with real honesty. The film starts as most do, but the novelty of a mobile small-time lawyer playing with the rich feels relatable. Rather than focus on the class differences of the characters, it lets honesty and morality decide who is good and who isn’t.

In this sad time of movies, The Lincoln Lawyer‘s looks great. Had it been released at the holidays or summer, this may have felt a little less sincere, but at its worst moments it is still a 3 star movie. Thanks to the solid script and great performance by McConaughey, it works even better than my liberal expectations. It isn’t a John Grisham movie, but this film, based on the book by Michael Connelly, is successful on its own. A recommended movie for McConaughey fans and fans of courtroom thrillers (one of my new favorites it the subgenre). 4 out of 5 stars.


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