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The Adjustment Bureau

Matt Damon as a romantic lead? That’s the core of The Adjustment Bureau, a movie that was set for release last year but was moved. Will the film be able to connect with audiences better now than it would have last holiday season? We’ll never really know.

Damon stars as David Norris, a young Senator who’s up for reelection. After a college reunion stunt costs him the seat, he begins to take a look at his life. Does he want to continue in politics? Am I always going to be the young senator? While preparing his speech for his defeat in a bathroom, he meets a girl. Emily Blunt plays Elise, a ballerina who just happens to hit it off with David. The night ends with them parting ways without exchanging phone numbers, leaving the future of what they have to chance.

Months later, they bump into each other again and try to start something together. Unfortunately, a group of men are trying to prevent them from doing so. These men can manipulate time and the course of destiny, basically making sure fate occurs on the schedule they see.

The movie suffers for many reasons, the first being the shallow characters. Blunt and Damon can do little but stand around since their roles need no depth. The pacing of the movie itself is inconsistent. Big spaces of times get omitted to get the set up for the next piece, leaving many questions with each jump.

The movie itself appears as a science-fiction action film, but here it is more than a sci-fi romance drama. The bland effects and horrible climax leave nothing good to take away from it. Though Blunt is always a joy to watch, I felt this fell flat. 2 out of 5 stars.


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