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Breakdown: Favorite Documentaries

I don’t usually watch documentaries. Like too much of the movie going public, I prefer to watch entertainment than educational material. But to those who give documentaries a chance, it can become addicting. After last night’s HUGE upset in the Best Documentary Feature category at the Academy Awards, I felt I needed to jump in and give my favorite documentaries.

1. Grizzly Man– Not just my all-time favorite documentary, but a great movie . It follows Timothy Treadwell as he spends 13 consecutive Summers in the Alaskan Tundra with grizzly bears. At times majestic and others more dramatic. Werner Herzog brilliantly gets the story across. I saw this movie completely out of the blue on a day off from work. Very worth it.

2. Jesus Camp– I’ve talked about this film before on my list of scariest movies I’ve ever seen ( Christian Evangelicals that were borderline brainwashing kids. Once the Westboro Baptist Church took over the role of most misguided Christians and the camp from the movie closed, the impact didn’t lessen. A truly haunting film.

3. Super Size Me– It took me a year to eat at a McDonalds again. Morgan Spurlock took the idea of obesity and fast-food by the horns and radically charged the world of an industry just by making this film. I remembered watching an open-heart surgery scene in the film and hearing nothing but people chomping loudly on popcorn. Ironic as it was, the film is a funny and frightening look at what junk food can do to you.

4. Bowling for Columbine– Michael Moore’s politics aside, this documentary that revolved around school violence and the nightmare of Columbine all those years before. Moore made a big statement with his biased-but-passionate storytelling techniques. The Marilyn Manson interview is a rush.

5. Exit Through the Gift Shop– Banksy takes over a well-meaning but meandering documentary about the new revolution of street art, a form of graffiti. Banksy deserved the Oscar is last night for this, but the Academy once again went political instead of rewarding the best in the category. A great piece of art about art in another medium.


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