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Breakdown- Favorite Accents

Every once in a while, a movie will be filled with dialogue and accents that I can’t stop watching it, regardless of the quality of the film. Though a few actors have accents I love (Tobin Bell for one), this list is my favorite accents the actors had specifically for a film. Or in one case (#5) the accent is emphasized heavily for the character, adding to the character’s voice.

1. Tom Hardy-Bronson– I mentioned earlier my love for the film, but the accent was a caveat I loved the most. His thick accent is filled with rage, and somehow, restraint. Favorite line: “There’s nothing wonky about my childhood.”

2. Daniel Day-Lewis- Gangs of New York– His accent is incredibly New Yorker and very thick…most fascinating when you realize DDL is British. The movie drags on in parts, but I love just listening to him. Favorite line: too many great lines to choose from.

3. Tom Hanks- Ladykillers– The Coen brothers update a dark comedy of a band of criminals posing as a church band. The movie isn’t brilliant, but the wacky southern feel of it, and its cast, make it a movie I love to watch over and over again. Favorite line: “You addressing a man who is quiet. And yet…not quiet.”

4. Heath Ledger- The Dark Knight– Some may call this a cheap addition, but I love the Joker’s lines. The voice followed Ledger a little into his next movie, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, but here it is fresh and exciting. He really outdid Nicholson when it came to the best Joker. Favorite line: “Why so serious?! Why so serious?”

5. Ben Kingsley- House of Sand and Fog– The ended to this movie will shake you, but Kingsley does a perfect job of nailing the accent of a middle-eastern military man. His voice is full of pride and fragility. Favorite line: When he delights his wife with the promise of “a new bungalow.”


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