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Breakdown: Favorite Winter Weather Movies

With many parts of the great U.S. of A. being overcome with snow and ice and winter weather, I figured I’d unleash my list of favorite Winter movies. This isn’t films that help you forget the blizzard of destruction, these films make you more worried of the impending frostbite. Enjoy!

1. The Shining– a slow and deliberate horror film that asks the question: What do you do when the person who is supposed to protect you tries to kill you?

2. The Thing– A group of scientists trapped in Antarctica with a shapeshifting monster. I once talked to some scientists who worked in Antarctica who would watch it when the weather got bad. Love it!

3. Wind Chill– Emily Blunt and a guy are trapped in a car on Christmas Eve during a snowstorm. A great B-movie

4. It’s a Wonderful Life– This movie simply must be on the list. A timeless movie that makes you wanna cry and cuddle under a warm blanket

5. Just Friends– Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds star in a movie about a man trying to distance himself from his dweebish ways to get with his high school crush.


**Number 5.5 (I know I cheated but this must be on the list) 30 Days of Night


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