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Breakdown: Favorite Trilogies

Thanks to the suggestion of, I’m gonna move right along to my favorite trilogies. Though you’ll see the first Breakdown have 10 films listed, all future ones will be based on the rule of five. So here are my favorite trilogies. FYI, these are based on the trilogy as a whole. Every trilogy has a weak point, so this is on the trilogy as one unit.

1. Back to the Future– I grew up watching these movies every year on Thanksgiving on cable. When they came out on Blu-ray, I skipped class (I did my work ahead of time, don’t worry) and just watched them. Favorite of the three: Back to the Future II

2. Romero’s Dead trilogy The third film is weak compared to the first two, but the first two were groundbreaking and amazing films. Favorite of the three: Dawn of the Dead

3. Pirates of the Caribbean– Johnny Depp arrived on the A-list with these films. Each film is epic in its own right, the third is a solid film, albeit not a good as the first. Favorite of the three: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

4. Toy Story– The most consistent trilogy on the list. All three films are strong on their own and are even stronger as a whole. Favorite of the three: Toy Story

5. Lord of the Rings– Grudgingly, this goes on this only because of how unique the films were. The first one is my favorite, but I get exhausted trying to watch the theatrical releases. Forget the extended additions. Great epic films when sagas aren’t made anymore. Favorite of the three: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


2 responses to “Breakdown: Favorite Trilogies

  1. analogkid86 February 7, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    AHH!! NO STAR WARS?!….Just kidding, interesting list. It’s been years(14 at least) since I’ve watched any of the Back To The Future movies, I might have to get around to doing that soon.

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