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The Roommate

Once again, a revered classic (if you can call it that) is diluted and remade for teenagers of today. Have the studios learned nothing yet? Teens may be an important demographic in the moviemaking industry, but movies marketed specifically to them aren’t usually winners. Unless the script is interesting or the cast is fresh, the film comes and goes without any fanfare. This film is one of those that does neither.

The Roommate is a watered-down remake of Single White Female. In this version, Minka Kelly plays Sara and Leighton Meester stars as her roommate Rebecca. What looks like a fun friendship as roomies, quickly gets out of control. Rebecca, a mysterious girl who develops a strong liking to her new BFF, Sara. They bond over similar interests, but every once in a while, someone or something threatens their bond. That’s when Rebecca becomes a quiet monster.

The film borrows a lot of parts from other stalker/codependent/nice but quietly evil movies. The film lacks any originality at all. Some blame can be put in the young leads not used to carrying a film. Though Cam Gigandet and Leighton Meester have shown great promise in their other recent film roles, here they feel wooden and underdeveloped. Every character is shown at skin deep and no real revelation. Meester’s Rebecca should boil quietly, but instead she appears the same throughout. Where we could sympathize with Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl each week, Rebecca isn’t given any backstory or redeeming qualities. A completely forgettable movie, so forget it. 1 out of 5 stars.


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