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Barry Munday

I’m a big fan of Patrick Wilson. For some reason, ever since Phantom of the Opera, I’ve fallen in love with anything he does. He started to be just the pretty boy character actor, but a couple of times, he has reached for a role and it’s paid off. Barry Munday is such a role.

Patrick Wilson stars as Barry Munday, a womanizer with ridiculous facial hair and an impressive hit-to-miss ratio with women. But after a father catches a his daughter (potential minor) seducing Barry, he whacks a trumpet to Barry’s genitals. He wakes up later with no knowledge of the events immediately prior to the attack, or…his testicles. Now, a man with a huge libido, has lost all his spunk (no pun intended).

Just as the scars are starting to heal, a lawyer informs him that he has impregnated a woman he has no idea he slept with. What follows is a remarkable transformation of Barry as he deals with his impending parenthood.

The film was not at all what I expected. I was imagining a film told all in flashback about his best conquests. But the humor still comes easily. The film gets a bit dark at times, but the script and cast really go the extra mile for it. Judy Greer, another actor (I try to use the gender neutral version as much as possible) I love, completely embodies her character Ginger. When Barry is at his most sincere, Ginger is her most biting. Their relationship develops a bit unnaturally, but the end of the film leaves you with a warm, fulfilled feeling. I recommend this film to people who prefer Knocked Up to be a bit more sophisticated. 3 out of 5 stars.


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