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Breakdown: Favorite Comedies

**Breakdown is a new section where I take a genre or topic or theme and list my favorite examples of such**

Comedies are something I’m pretty picky over. Some high brow movies go right over my head where others grab me and I love them. Some immature comedies endear to me for some bizarre reason. It may be the quotability or the sentimental vibe it gives me. But the biggest thread connecting these movies is this: When I’ve seen the movie enough times to where the jokes are no longer funny, I still love watching the film. Here is my top 10 films below. Though some newer movies are definitely great (Get Him to the Greek or Step Brothers), I picked movies I’ve seen too many times to count. They are numbered but not ranked.

1. Hot Rod– The first time I saw this film, I was hopped up on Mountain Dew, a rarity for me. I loved the non-sequitur quotes and stupid plot. Key scene: Rod’s over-pronounced use of whiskey.

2. High Fidelity– I have no idea how I learned to love this movie. I think it was one that I always caught on TV and loved on the third or fourth view. My all-time favorite movie. Key scene: Jack Black’s entrance and discussion of Monday morning tapes.

3. Private Parts- The first time I watched this was merely for shock value. But the last couple of times I’ve watched it, I fell in love with Howard Stern’s character and sense of humor. Key scene: When he starts a new job and makes up a anti-white traffic reporter.

4. Hamlet 2– For anyone and everyone who has ever been in a high school musical, this is literally worst case scenario. I’ve loved Steve Coogan’s work for years, and here he does his best American film yet. Key Scene: The song “Rock Me Sexy Jesus”

5. 40-Year Old Virgin– Steve Carell and the Apatow gang are at their peak in this. I associated with this movie more than I’d like to admit. And it was hilarious. Key Scene: “Age of Aquarius”

6. Waiting…– Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, and Anna Faris take a simple concept and make it relatable and uncomfortably funny. Being a cook when I saw this came out made it that much funnier. Key Scene: When the woman sends her food back.

7. BASEketball– This was filmed after the first season of South Park, when Matt Stone and Trey Parker thought they would be unemployed. I saw this in high school on Starz with a friend and I loved quoting it. Key Scene: The Montage showing most of the teams in the league.

8. Major Payne– As a rule, I hate almost everything the Wayans do on principle. They occasionally produce something fun, but nothing was as good as Damon Wayans as a combat hungry soldier forced to run JROTC. Key Scene: Major Payne’s rendition of “The Little Engine That Could”

9. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang– Another one of my all-time favorites starring Robert Downey Jr. as a petty thief and Val Kilmer as a gay detective. The film, written by the writer of Lethal Weapon, hits almost every joke. This started my fascination with Downey. Key Scene: The definition of idiot

10. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy– The first time I saw this, it didn’t really sink in. But everytime I’ve watched it since then, I’ve loved quoting it. I re-watched it a few months ago and it not only held up well, but it was literal “Isn’t that?!” game. Key Scene: The deleted scene of a “glass case of emotion”


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