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The Mechanic

Finally, CBS Films releases a movie that isn’t a big piece of garbage. After duds like Faster, Extraordinary Measures, and The Back-up Plan, they have released a film that just might make money.

The Mechanic stars Jason Statham and Ben Foster. Statham plays Arthur, a gun for hire. After he’s forced to kill a mentor and friend, he starts to work outside of the network trying to control him. That’s when Steve (Foster), the son of the friend he killed, comes to ask for a job. Arthur reluctantly lets him shadow him on a few missions, each one being complicated by his new apprentice. When the company that hires Arthur learns of Steve’s involvement, Arthur goes from gun for hire to target.

The film succeeds at being exactly what it is advertised to be. The action is fast and the plot is shaky, but Foster and Statham keep the film from going off the rails. Statham is still in action mode. But despite not having a rich script to drive the film, he still finds enough depth to make a good anti-hero. Foster, too, does a great job of embodying his role. It doesn’t require a great deal of acting, but he still makes Steve a fun character to watch. If it wasn’t for these two, the movie would have easily failed. They elevate a decent film into a fun, action-packed, revenge film. Recommended for fans of Statham and simple action movies. 3 out of 5 stars.


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