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Green Hornet

Anytime a film gets delayed, the audience gets a bit weary. Do it more than once, and the likelihood of a hit is even more far-fetched. Convert it to 3-D in post-production, well, you got yourself one hell of a mountain to climb. Green Hornet is attempting to make that climb, but will it make it?

The film stars Seth Rogen as Britt Reid, a newspaper heir, who basically lives life by the rules of Playboy. Parties, women, drinking, sky is the limit. But when his father dies of mysterious circumstances, he decides to try to take over. Not the newspaper; not at first. Instead, Britt decides to pose as a villain as a means to smoke out other villains and arrest them using his father’s newspaper to generate publicity. With the help of his assistant/tech guru/martial arts expert Kato, they begin to fight crime from the inside out.

The film isn’t a bad film by any means. Rogen does a surprisingly well job in the lead role by bringing humor to the film. Christoph Waltz likewise plays a villain more eccentric than diabolical. But despite the cast, the film doesn’t achieve anything higher than mediocrity. Waltz’s character feels like a rehash of his Inglorious Basterds role and Cameron Diaz seems to waste what little role she is given. But it isn’t the fault of the cast, the seem more intent on having fun. Usually that isn’t a bad thing, but in this case, the script by Rogen and Goldberg falls flat.

The 3-D post-production conversion is a lack of patience. Whenever a film does this, the film starts to flaunt its gimmick and increases its profit margin a bit. Having seen it in 2-D, I saw no aspect of the film that would have benefitted it with the extra dimension. Not bad, but easily forgettable. 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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