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Season of the Witch

Nicholas Cage has made some crap decisions career-wise as of late. With the exception The Weather Man and Adaptation, his last decade’s worth of “acting” has been a waste. And here, he takes it to new heights.

Cage plays Behmen, a warrior during the crusades. When he comes to witness a massacre of women and children, he defies the church and leaves the legion of crusaders with his loyal friend Felson. After months of avoiding any repercussions for their actions, they are forced once again to help the church.

With the Black Plague taking over the land, the church believes that the cause comes from one woman, a heretic, a witch. So despite every attempt to turn it down, Behmen, Felson, and a small group of people take her to the last known church with the means to eradicate the witches powers.

The film suffers at everything. Cage seems intent on looking exactly like the frontman of Nickelback. The plot doesn’t seem to know what kind of movie it is. At parts it’s a medieval film, others a horror movie, but the inconsistent story doesn’t commit to any one genre particularly. The film, despite an almost promising SyFy channel movie, the film is a complete dud. Cage can’t even say his character’s name and all the names and places seemed to be generated randomly and intentionally hard to pronounce.

I lost faith in Cage long ago, but Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy) could have done a much better movie. Yes, he’s a character actor, but this film’s sole good quality is Perlman’s involvement. This movie will easily be forgotten and I, for one, am happy for that. 0 out of 5 stars


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