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How Do You Know

It took me most of the movie to realize that Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon have worked together before. Though it is nice to see how far they have come since the decent but forgotten Overnight Delivery, this film doesn’t take them anywhere.

Reese plays an accomplished softball player who is coping with the end of her career. She must find out what is next and get her feet back underneath her. Paul Rudd plays a young CEO being investigated for unethical practices. These two cross paths and together they watch as their lives become more stable. Reese has trouble with all her troubles, plus the awkward relationship with her boyfriend, played by Owen Wilson.

Unfortunately, this movie is a complete waste. Despite the director and the two leads (and Jack Nicholson in a supporting role), the film falls flat on all accounts. The script was initially about baseball, but that became an overlooked background detail. The film limps long without any realization or trajectory. The end of the film is predictable as early as the exposition of the characters. Aimed at appealing to those who loved last year’s It’s Complicated, it doesn’t have anything to keep you going along. 0.5 out of 5 stars


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