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Tron Legacy

Over the past few years, 3-D movies have become a more and more common occurrence. But unlike Clash of the Titans and this year’s Alice in Wonderland,  Tron was filmed in 3-D. NOT converted in post-production like these two movies just mentioned. And like Avatar last year, it makes a world of difference.

This film takes place 21 years after Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has disappeared into The Grid, the computer based alternate reality. Flynn’s son Sam stumbles upon a pathway into that world. Once he realizes he’s there, Sam begins the journey to find and free his father. Along the way he is being tracked down by Clu (the artificial intelligence doppelgänger of Jeff Bridges), who is trying to use the Flynns’ knowledge to make it into the real world and take over.

This film has some of the best special effects I’ve seen in years. The film, already stunning, becomes even more exciting in 3-D. Where some movies are gratuitous with its 3-D visuals, this movie doesn’t flash it your face. Instead, it enriches the environment. Though the plot is a bit thin, the film manages to keep your attention to the end. The supporting cast is a blast. Olivia Wilde plays a key to everything but does so with great depth.

The action of the film is simple and surprisingly tame. The PG rating doesn’t hold the movie back. In fact, the rating keeps the action fun and not as violent as most other action movies. A fun for all ages and one that has you reaching for the first one on DVD (even though it is hard to find). 3.5 out of 5 stars


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