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Morning Glory

At the basic level, this is the chick-flick version of Network, but with more heart than The Ugly Truth. Rachel McAdams plays Becky Fuller, backed by  Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, make a fun film about broadcasting.

After Becky gets fired from her job at as a producer, she ends up at a morning show that is fourth in ratings. It’s on the verge of being cancelled, until Becky steps in to try to revitalize it. What starts as a bad idea, slowly finds its way. She fires the perverse co-anchor and hires Mike (Harrison Ford), a man just waiting to retire. Once she realizes the dire straights of the show, she pulls out all the stops. And along the way, she meets a man and romance flourishes.

This film feels a lot like Devil Wears Prada and Little Black Book, but fortunately more like the former. The principal cast does a great job of taking the film above the clichés usually associated with such fare. Harrison Ford is at his most cantankerous and delightful. It is interesting to see Diane Keaton and Ford share the screen, especially when you realize it is the first time.

A delightful film with a solid script and a great cast, and most importantly, a sense of humor about itself. Definitely a date movie, or just a fun way to kill two hours. 3.5 out of 5 stars


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