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Dwayne Johnson is back in the action/bad-ass mode. Unfortunately, the script isn’t worth his presence. CBS Films (soon to be bankrupt, I hope) releases their third film this year. And it may be the first one to make any kind of profit.

Johnson stars as Driver, a recent parole who instantly sets out to kill his brother’s killers. The film follows him as he guns down bad guys and acts vengeance without a second consideration. This is the entirety of the plot, meant to feel like a B-movie in the vain of Death Proof.

The film falls on Johnson to make it work, but he can’t do it all himself. The shallow script suffers from trite dialogue and an ambiguous ending that betrays the film’s concept. Despite it’s trappings, Dwayne Johnson is fun to watch. He steps back into his first action role in almost 5 years. He only falters when he tries to play naive and scared in a home video scene. A film for only true fans of one-note action movies. 2 out of 5 stars.


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