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Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

The Saw franchise is running out of steam. The last two or three films have been nothing but fluff for horror fans. Lionsgate knows this and gets creative and somewhat redemptive on the last (or is it) film in the franchise that has gone on every year since 2004.

Jigsaw’s widow attempts to thwart Detective Hoffman, the rogue among Jigsaw’s assistants. When her attempt to kill him ends in failure, she goes to Hoffman’s old coworkers for help. All that Hoffman wants is her, so she makes a plea bargain to save herself in exchange for giving over evidence to convict Hoffman.

Meanwhile, an author who wrote of his Jigsaw survival story is being tested. Those who know the franchise, we feel there is something off about this story, not long before his test starts do we learn what that is.

The 3D gimmick is used, but not abused in this film. The novelty and the twist add for a more refreshing film than those of the middle of the franchise. The cameo by Dr. Gordon from the first film really ties the franchise up in a nice bow.

This film is for those who enjoy the franchise. My girlfriend, who has not seen all of the films, had unanswered questions due to the previous knowledge needed to understand the full story. A solid finale to a franchise that started superbly and went a bit wayward in the middle. 3 out of 5 stars.


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