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Paranormal Activity 2

Who would have thought that a movie made for $15k would launch a new horror franchise. Just as the Saw franchise is coming to an end, a new horror franchise has stepped up to fill the void. The obey concern is whether it can overcome the Blair Witch 2 and maintain its creativity.

Paranormal Activity 2 decides to stay close to the original, a concept that makes it more cohesive as a sequel. This one begins the month prior to the original. Katie and Micah from the first film make a few appearances to further continuity. Katie and the mother of the family in this one are sisters, so the objective of the demon expands it’s gaze to the family.

After a seemingly random break-in trashes their house, the family decides to install security cameras both inside and outside of the house. Though a handheld camera is also used by some of members of the family, the majority of the action is captured the security cameras. Just like the first film, it is a slow build as things escalate and get more out of control, tearing the family apart.

Though the film has a few false endings, the actual ending is horrifying. The effects are kept to a minimum here, the execution is both realistic and fluid. The first film was a truly scary movie for contrasting the mundane of day to day life with the supernatural. This film does that, but the scares aren’t as shocking, some are even put in just to maintain any plot holes. The true scary parts are when the baby Hunter is involved. Adding an animal and/or baby only intensifies a film because of their innocence and loyalty. A solid and creative follow up to a great original. 3.5 out of 5 stars


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