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Jackass 3D

I’m surprised it took the boys to finally jump on the 3-D bandwagon. Here, we see our favorite bunch of misfits take their pranks to the third dimension. Never before, and hopefully never again, has 3-D technology been so simultaneously hilarious and disgusting. Poo, pee, a flying dildo, nothing is off-limits as the stunts make you uncomfortably aware of the stunts going on in front of you.

Since most pranks involving bystanders has become so difficult, the spend most of their time antagonizing each other. You can see throughout the film that Johnny Knoxville and the guys are still having fun. Johnny, knowing the punishment he would receive on the set, looks much more in shape, but almost sickly. A now sober Steve-O has a calm that the other films never showed.

The first one was a big surprise to everyone, and a modest hit. The second one, my personal favorite of the three, took it to new heights. Instead of taking it too far this time around, they filmed the 3-D and used instant replay as the gimmick it is. The third film is a good time, but the 3-D replays eat into the amount of skits in the film. If you like Jackass, this is true to its form. I’ll buy because I love these guys, but the weakest of the three. 3.5 out of 5 stars


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