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I’m Still Here

Joaquin Phoenix has lost his mind. Or has he? In I’m Still Here, we witness a man slowly losing touch with reality. Casey Affleck directs what appears to be performance art, but for what purpose.

I’m Still Here follows Joaquin Phoenix (or JP as those close to him call him) as he quits the movie business and pursues a career in music. Those who remember Walk the Line, we saw JP transform into Johnny Cash. He learned guitar and trained his voice to sound like Cash, so a career in country sounds like a sound choice. But instead, he is convinced he is to become a rapper. This is his journey.

At the being of the film, the concept sounds controversial and exciting. We quickly learn that this is a shoddy pet project that stalls shortly after it can go anywhere. Incorporating celeb cameos only seems to elevate the awkwardness of this piece. Is it a hoax or is it reality? That is the most interesting part of the film. The question and its answer are way more interesting than the film itself. Phoenix delves into such a strange place that the last sequence drags on just like the rest of the film. It’s an elaborate **spoiler** that isn’t worth the concept. By the end, you just want it over. And afterward, you are left with a feeling of “Who cares?” 2 out of 5 stars.


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