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Jean-Pierre Jeunet has a reputation of being a sort of French Wes Anderson. His movies are whimsical and have little pieces of fantasy. This time around, the parts aren’t as good as the whole.

Micmacs is a great film for people who enjoy Amelié or Delicatessen. The story follows  Bazil, a gunshot victim who is trying to live after the accident loses him his apartment and job. He works as a street performer until he meets a small family of similar people who reside in/protect a landfill. With their assistance, they avenge his accident by pitting the two responsible arms dealers against each other.

I found many similarities between this and The Fantastic Mr. Fox (a Wes Anderson film no less). Both deal with the prey becoming almost predatory. Since Bazil doesn’t have a lot of dialogue (some characters don’t talk at all), the film also reminds me a bit of the films of Monsieur Hulot or Bean, comedic characters who talk through expression and action.

I found the movie quite fun to watch, I even laughed out loud a few times. Unfortunately, many will say this isn’t as good as Amelié, but it doesn’t have to be. The mere idea that Jeunet is still the crafty and ingenious director (minus Alien Resurrection, of course) makes him a man whose films are always worth seeing. A good example of a foreign film that could cut through the American distrust of foreign language movies…hopefully. 2.5 out of 5 stars


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