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Toy Story 3

The first Toy Story is my favorite animated film of all time. After seeing the second one many times over the years, I have come to have high expectations for the franchise. Third time around, the freshness is still there. The quality of Toy Story 3 makes this franchise one of the most consistent film trilogies of all time.

            This time around, Andy is preparing for college and the toys left are in a state of limbo. Are they going to be thrown out? Maybe put in the attic? He wouldn’t take them to college would he? After a mistaken sorting process, the toys end up at a daycare. What follows closely resembles a Steve McQueen movie. There is a great deal of The Great Escape in how the remainder of the film plays.

            This is definitely more mature than the first two films. The subject matter is considerably darker than the first two and the violence is more than you would expect. But it still is a solid PG movie. I would say this movie suffers from the same issue Iron Man 2 had: though the recent film is very good, the original is slightly better. It isn’t a bad thing; it’s just hard to duplicate an industry changing masterpiece that comes out of nowhere. As for the 3-D aspect of it, it’s a crapshoot really. There is few, if any, 3-D moments and only benefits the movie slightly. Regardless of its pitfalls, it’s a great film. 4 out of 5 stars.


One response to “Toy Story 3

  1. adamsads June 30, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    I loved Toy Story 3! It was an awesome movie and a great conclusion to the series. I didn’t even bother with the 3D though… it’s still to gimmicky for me.

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