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Please Give

The opening credits of this film is jarring. Not in a shocking way, per se, but certainly throws you off of what you expect. After seeing the movie, I believe this was wise. It prepares you for a story that is shockingly realistic, but also a bit off.

            Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt play a married couple who buy furniture from recently deceased and resell it at their vintage furniture store. She is having trouble dealing with the guilt of her lifestyle, so tries to compensate by reaching out those less fortunate, giving them the attention her daughter deserves. The couple has bought the apartment next to theirs and is waiting for the tenant to die so they can knock out a wall and expand their place. This is how we get to know the tenant’s daughters, played by Amanda Peet and Rebecca Hall.

What follows is more of a character study than a plot driven film. We see each character as they all deal with the obstacles in their lives. Rebecca Hall and Catherine Keener are given the most attention though, and suitably so. They both have the most going on in and the most to contend with. Unlike many British actors, Hall does a strong American accent. Her character and her quiet beauty make her the best part of the film.

With bits of comedy and tragic humor along the way, this dramedy has the heart to convey things realistically. The characters feel like they come from a real place as opposed to someone’s imagination. A solid summer indie for those in need of a film with substance. 3 out of 5 stars.


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