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Knight and Day

This movie would have made a killing if it had come out before Tom’s infamous couch jumping. Now, it looks like its prospects are too complex to measure. Knight and Day is classic Tom Cruise, the one we all loved from the nineties. This is a big summer movie; one that reminds me of the simpler blockbuster days. Back when movies with big budgets focused more on the characters than the spectacle. Like The Mummy remake or a new favorite of mine, Midnight Run, the action is second to the story.

            Knight and Day starts off one step ahead of us. We learn things as Cameron Diaz does. This creates a bit of wonder for us and a lot of questions for her. After boarding a plane to attend her sister’s wedding, June (Diaz) meets a charming man named Roy Miller (Cruise). Shortly after their meeting, their plane crashes, putting both of them on the run. Roy is trying to protect a new energy source and its inventor, but the government wants it and him. Diaz gets pulled in every direction trying to figure out what is what, only making their escapes either kidnapping or rescuing.

            The biggest disappointment for me was the lack of humor is this movie. The trailer leads you to believe that this is an action comedy, but it fact there is very little comedy in it. There are a few bits here and there; most of them by Diaz, but Cruise shows humility by not taking himself too seriously this time around. In a post-Les Grosman world, straying too far from another career-changer will hurt Cruise’s long term goals. Here he shows a glimmer of something that he hasn’t shown before, but nothing drastic. Regardless, it is great to see Tom in a big tent-pole film again. His chemistry with Diaz really sells this movie when other parts get stretched too thin. If you enjoy Tom Cruise in action mode, give this a try and you won’t be disappointed. 3 out of 5 stars.


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