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When in Rome

**Off the Beaten Path #4**

Every since Veronica Mars, I’ve been in love with Kristen Bell. Though not every project she has done has been a winner, I stick around because I’ve enjoyed them. When When in Rome was released, the critics and most everyone else hated it. I on the other hand, loved it. I went into the movie fresh and I’m all the more happy for that.

Bell plays Beth, a workaholic curator who finds her sister is getting married. During the wedding in Rome, she stumbles upon a fountain. When someone throws a coin in the fountain, they are destined to find love. What Beth does is take some coins instead, leaving the lives connected to those coins enraptured by her. So begins the film’s story. Dax Sheppard, Danny Devito, Will Arnett, and Jon Heder all become obsessed with her, following her everywhere. All the while, she has met a man she might actually want to spend the rest of her life with (Josh Duhamel).

Rom-com clichés rear their head quite often, but like Made of Honor, the cast elevates the film above its holes. Bell and Duhamel have a great chemistry. I laughed during this film more than a lot of recent comedies. I look forward to owning this on blu-ray. 3.5 stars out of 5.


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