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It’s a simple concept really. Take four babies (Namibia, Mongolia, Japan and the USA) and film there first year on earth. What ensues is incredibly cute and fascinating. Technically a French film, there is no narration and no subtitles. The moments filmed easily speak for themselves.

It is amazing how intimate the scenes feel and how mature these babies seem to be. There are moments in the film in which they appear to be nothing more than tiny adults with a language all their own. The other layer is that this film can be viewed as simply a portrait of four babies, or one can analyze the different cultures and atmosphere they are raised in. I loved the movie, personally. It gives you a sense of what it feels like to be a new parent. The goods times may take the bulk of the film, but a baby in distress also pops up from time to time.

Having watched it, I want to own this movie. Behind the novelty of a baby documentary, it’s very well shot. Many of the moments captured on film feel almost too intimate to stand, as if we are almost voyeuristic. The director does an excellent showing these babies lives without getting involved. The detachment the director has allows us a sense of ease, reinforcing the fourth wall in this case. If you like babies, you’ll love this movie. 4 out of 5 stars.


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