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Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

Jackie Earle Haley was the probably the only man who could step into Robert Englund’s shoes. Unfortunately, it isn’t the same. Though I admire Platinum Dunes’ attempt to once again update a classic, this is bland compared to the original. Wes Craven is a horror institution and us Freddy fans know that New Line Cinema is “The House that Freddy Built”.

Haley stars as Freddy Krueger, a dark memory on an otherwise quiet community. The mythology of the original has been tweaked though director Samuel Bayer tries to recreate iconic scenes from the source material. Unfortunately, almost everything falls flat. The Krueger makeup ruins any attempts Haley has of expressing emotion and the dialogue is mediocre at best. I usually enjoy horror movies, but Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes production remove all substance from the original movies and deliver a  washed up re-imagining (The Hitcher and Amityville Horror are the only two I can stomach). Since they did this with Friday the 13th recently to a big opening weekend, they seem to be redoing any film they can get their hands on. They almost got Rosemary’s Baby but fortunately they left that alone.

I’d summarize the plot more, but to do so would give away the entire franchise. He haunts there dreams from beyond the grave. Sitting through this movie was a nightmare all its own. Watch the original instead, you can’t replace Robert Englund. 1 out of 5 stars.


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