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Where My View of Life Comes From…

After a recent attempt to get some advice from my friends and getting none, I chose to consult my psychologist. It’s not an actual psychologist, but a list of movies (otherwise, this wouldn’t be on this blog!). Below are collectively the movies I take relationship and life advice from. They may not be the most sound avenues for guidance, but I’m not the most conventional person. In fact, some of these are how I measure the success/failure of my life. So without further ado, here are my therapy sessions.

Elizabethtown– The movie dealt with loss and finding someone. I saw it a mere couple of hours before my aunt passed on. Though Orlando Bloom isn’t a great actor, he almost nails this one. Director Cameron Crowe really speaks to me in all his films, his portrayal of relationships is realistic and palpable.. This definitely gives you a sense of optimism

High Fidelity-My all-time favorite movie. When I was in high school, I wanted to be Rob Gordon. Most of my decisions of junior and senior year of high school were motivated by WWRD? (What would Rob do?). It talks about rehashing and exploring past relationships and holding on to the current one. Plus, owning your criticisms and showing that finding other elitists is the key to having pretentious taste.

One Hour Photo-Robin Williams plays a lonely photo-tech who reaches out for a connection in one of the worst ways possible. When he realizes his idea of the perfect family shows to be less than perfect, he snaps. His disappointment with perfection being ruined is something we can all associate with. His isolation and disconnect is something very familiar with me from years past. This puts all good and bad in perspective.

Lost in Translation– Another favorite from high school. It shows the fragility and beauty in a simple friendship. I found myself telling people I wanted friendships like that. Fortunately, I’ve found some in the years since. Plus the film revolves around being lost in an environment and looking for complacency.

About a Boy-Like High Fidelity, it’s based on a Nick Hornby book. The voiceover about “The Will Show” is exactly how I feel in similar situations. Hugh Grant plays a loner who takes a young boy under his wing and they teach each other about life.

All the Real Girls-Arguably, the best Zooey Deschanel movie ever, revolving a small town womanizer who falls his best friend’s sister. He tries to mature with her, only to have it blow up in his face. This shows the aftermath of a beautiful thing broken. It breaks my heart and infuriates me every time I watch it. I see myself in many of the characters, making me analyze myself as I watch.

Peaceful Warrior-This movie snuck up on me. In a nut shell, philosophy in movie form. It’s about a gymnast finding his place in life and discovering true tranquility. A must see!

Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind–  You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone; Have no regrets. This follows a man trying to erase a past relationship only to find he doesn’t want to forget it. The first time I saw this, it scared me. All my past relationships were manifested in some way in this film. After a second viewing, I saw the beauty of a meeting someone and the good AND bad that comes with it.

Vanilla Sky-Probably my favorite Tom Cruise movie. A playboy magazine mogul upsets his “f*** buddy” and she almost kills them both. What follows is a study of friendship, love, and paranoia. Another Cameron Crowe movie that made a connection with me.


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