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Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?

Ever since he burst onto the big screen with Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Tyler Perry has delivered consistent family friendly fare. This far into his career as film director/actor/producer, his schtick is starting to lose its steam. Fortunately, his target audience doesn’t care and is very loyal to him (myself included). Like Steven Seagal or horror, Tyler Perry has become a niche commodity. And like both horror and Seagal, there is no sign of him stopping.

WDIGMT? (I shortened it for typing cramping purposes) picks up less than a year after the first film. This time, their annual couples retreat is in Nassau and not Colorado. Much like the first film, this has three distinct acts. Act 1 is the retreat; Act 2, after effects; and Act 3, where the big problems are confronted and resolved. This unspooling technique allows the audience to follow along without any knowledge of the first film, a stand-alone sequel. This film however features Louis Gossett Jr. in a brief role and a surprising cameo in the final shot.

WDIGMT? does a great job of balancing drama with life lessons and comedy. This film is one of those melodramatic movies you know what you are getting into going in. I mentioned in my Black Dynamite review Michael Jai White being in good films, this definitely counts. His character Marcus and his onscreen wife Angela get some of the biggest laughs of the whole film. The jokes about the airport and terrorism are truly laugh out loud (you have to see it to understand). Tyler Perry again does a good job of acting his role while not being front and center. I’m curious if there will be another film in this franchise, but in the franchise that is Tyler Perry, he has once again scored. 3 out of 5 stars


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