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Hot Tub Time Machine

With a title like this, a plot summary is almost redundant. John Cusack leads a smart cast in the most original comedy I’ve seen since The Hangover. Each actor embodies his character well and aids in keeping this wacky script from ever slowing down. The synopsis is basically 4 men get into a hot tub and accidentally travel back to 1986. Each character is forced to redo history in a way befitting each character archetype.

There is so much laugh out loud stuff in this movie that to mention any of it is to ruin it. This is the kind of humor it’s best not to see coming. I can say that with supporting roles from Crispin Glover and Chevy Chase, the ride does anything but idle. Rarely do I find myself laughing audibly during a movie. This, Hot Rod, and The Hangover are definite examples of when you could hear me laughing hysterically. Unfortunately, I don’t think this movie is going to get the respect and B.O. it deserves. I can only hope that people see this movie and realize that it works. Anyone with any idea of 80’s pop culture will enjoy this simply for the nudges to 80’s films. From a Better Off Dead reference, to the 80’s soundtrack, to the Red Dawn conspiracy, it reeks of all that is 80’s downfall and success.

Despite its thin script, it keeps the laughs coming. And by incorporating the butterfly effect and a few pieces of modern culture, we feel like we went back with them. Cusack once again scores, while Craig Robinson, Rob Corrdry, and Clark Duke all hold their own. If you like the trailer, it’s even better. 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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