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Wow. I would have never thought Amanda Seyfried would tackle such an erotic role! I’ve never seen her look better.

Chloe is a simple but effective film. In the vein of Fatal Attraction or Enduring Love, this is a film that falls into that “don’t mess with infidelity” sub-genre. Julianne Moore does a great job of weighting the movie, whereas Liam Neeson feels underutilized. The film follows Moore as a suspicious wife who hires an escort to test her husband’s infidelity. What unfolds, is a cat-and-mouse erotic thriller that something like director Atom Egoyan does well.

Some of you may have heard that this movie has lesbian sex and nudity. I won’t lie, it does. This movie is definitely erotic and sexy. But the strength of the movie is Moore and Seyfried and the third act of the movie. Without them, this would have fallen flat. The ending ties up in a way that feels smarter than me. I feel a second viewing might help me understand the subtleties to Seyfried’s Chloe.  Of course, being based on a foreign film, things get left on the cutting room floor. The banter between Moore and her character’s son feels underdeveloped, as does her realization towards the end. A jaw dropping conclusion, something the art house crowd will find more rewarding than the mainstream movie fans. 3 out of 5 stars.


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