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Dear Paul Greengrass,

 I admire your work. You deserved your nomination for Best Director with United 93. I’ve never cried so much from a movie in my life. It truly made you feel like you were there. One of the best movies of the past decade if you ask me. You also made one of the only 2 or 3 films that are better than the original (The others being T2, Godfather II, and Aliens). You are a brilliant director

That being said, I must say that I will never watch one of your movies in theaters again. The realism that you bring with your steadicam, Tony Scott flashbang style nauseates me. Not in a pretentious sense that shows my elitism, but in a physical sense. Your films have an inability to focus on anything for more than a second or two. It gives me motion sickness and a headache, which ruins the whole experience for me. United 93 had me in cold sweats, migraine, nausea, and quiet sobs. I can’t handle it. I tried to watch The Bourne Supremacy, and I got so sick I couldn’t even enjoy your work.

Where did all this come from? Well, I tried to watch your newest film Green Zone yesterday and I ended up having to leave halfway through because my motion sickness pills couldn’t help me focus on anything on-screen. I can handle a camera pivoting on may or even two axises, but your cameras seem to float on some sort of gimbal lock my stomach can’t tolerate. I tried to focus on one thing and stick with it. I tried staring just off-screen. I closed my eyes for 10 seconds at a time, all in hopes that my brain could handle the haphazard steadiness of the camera. I even tried to stare at nothing and just see what I could pick up. Nothing worked.

I really wanted to write a review on your movie. I wanted to compare it to recent Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker. I was starting to enjoy the movie, but I’m sorry. Nausea doesn’t allow me to enjoy much of anything. My dad was kind enough to fill me in on how it ends and it sounds really conceived. Ebert liked it, so I probably will too since he and I agree more often than not. Rest assured when it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray, I will certainly watch it then. I have no problems when I watch your movies on a TV. I think I would like The Bourne Supremacy more if I had waited for the DVD. I loved The Bourne Ultimatum. So hopefully, I can see Green Zone in the comfort of my room without physical discomfort. Don’t change the way you make movies, because it works and it feels so realistic. But you ain’t getting my business until I can take it home to watch it.



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