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The Crazies

In today’s Hollywood, originality is a rare thing. In the horror genre, it’s almost unheard of. And yet, every once in a while a horror film breaks through the genre’s trappings to be something respected. The Crazies is one of those films.

The film follows Sherriff David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) as he deals with the shooting of a community member during a baseball game, or it at least starts there. Quickly we are told, not through words alone, that there is an epidemic spreading through the town. The story follows him and his wife (Radha Mitchell) and his deputy (Joe Anderson) as they try to stay alive during the events following the outbreak. In hopes of keeping suspense, I’m not elaborating on the plot further unless to say that it takes place in my homestate of Iowa, which is where most of it was filmed.

The zombie horror genre has seen a renaissance lately, and one I quite enjoy. This film easily fits among the better of the new zombie craze. It has it’s share of one liners and decent kills, but the story is about our small group of survivors. Timothy Olyphant, as always, really embodies his character. You feel like he might be a real sherriff (he’s played one on Deadwood and the upcoming show Justified as well). A veteran of horror movies from early on, this one rests on his shoulders this time, and we couldn’t be happier. If you like horror movies, this will satisfy. And if not, the “money shots” of gore aren’t visible, so the torture porn graphicness is gone. But all in all, 3 out of 5 stars


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