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Crazy Heart


Jeff Bridges is notorious for being an actor who can surprise you. A four-time nominee, Bridges effortless lives in the roles he is given. Bad Blake is no exception. Bridges disappears as he plays Blake, an alcoholic washed-up country singer. This movie has many parallels to last year’s The Wrestler, in that a has-been finds new life and a woman helps him turn his life around. The core of the movie is the music. Being raised on country, I can tell you that Bridges singing sounds more like the early country years than today’s country/pop.
The plot of the film is rather simple, but this film is more concerned with the relationships in Blake’s life than the places he’s going. From Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Jean Craddock reporter to Colin Farrell’s Tommy Sweet, the film is ripe with great characters. Especially Colin Farrell, who for some reason has no acknowledgement in either the trailer or the marquees, plays a modern-day country superstar. However, he’s grateful to his mentor Blake and tries to carry him along the celebrity superhighway.
Bridges is a front-runner to win his category next month for Best Actor. Also the song featured prominently, “The Weary Kind” is nominated for best original song. All in all, this is a drama that is borderline musical with all its music, but one show that is worth it, shortcomings and all. 3 out of 5 stars


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