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Sherlock Holmes

Once again, Robert Downey Jr. has picked a film that further cements his comeback. And if things go well with this, he may have another franchise to fall back on. Guy Richie is mostly known for gritty, dirty crime movies set in and around England’s underbelly. This movie takes these finesses and applies them to what is probably Richie’s biggest budgeted project yet.

The film follows Holmes and Watson (played impeccably by Jude Law) as they attempt to solve a case that involves a case their previous case. We see Watson trying to create a life outside his life Holmes, only to have Holmes constantly lure him back in. The plot moves quickly. It has enough action and intrigue to keep you watching until the end when you feel you have just begun. The problem is that the script isn’t intriguing enough, to keep you as entranced as Richie wants you to be.

The cast is great, each one fully committed to their respective roles, both as actors and as the characters they play. Mark Strong does a good job of creating a menace to his mere presence, but clearly this is Downey Jr.’s show. Which is what makes this movie the glue in what could have been a train wreck. 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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