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The Young Victoria

I have trouble with movies set in this era. I usually can’t notice the dry humor and bureaucratic trappings of the characters’ every move. But that in The Young Victoria, it is one of its strengths. The lack of dumbing it down for the common audience member adds an authenticity to the film, even if some of the scenes aren’t completely true.

This is Emily Blunt’s show. She inhabits her role and fleshes out a layered young woman who refuses to be bullied by those close to her. The film follows Victoria from a young girl to her accension to the crown at the young age of 18. Then we get to explore her world as she tries to lead with her conscience. Rupert Friend plays her lover and ally. Watching them work together is something of pure entertainment. And seeing Paul Bettany is always a pleasure as Lord Melbourne.

Though a significant portion of the middle half of the movie is a sort of love triangle, the movie doesn’t let everything else fall by the wayside. I thoroughly enjoyed the moments when someone would suggest or push something on Victoria (usually a suitor), and watched her deflect and carry on. The plot could use a bit of a polish, but it’s still a good show. It’s a 3 star script with 4 and 5 star performances. 3 out of 5 stars.


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