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I have very little nice to say about this movie. To its credit, the list of musicals that I love the first go around is quite small. The problems with this one made it difficult for me to not walk out. In most musicals, the songs are part of the plot, the move the movie along. In this film however, the songs have close to no value in regards to the plot. In fact, the take the thin plot and end up making it feel even thinner. The story follows Guido, an Italian film director, as he attempts to bluff his way through his next movie. He hasn’t written a word but refuses to admit it to anyone. That’s it; like I said, thin.

Daniel Day-Lewis once again lives in his character’s skin. But this role reminded me quite a bit of Johnny from the so-horrible-it’s-great movie The Room. The shinning light was Marion Cotillard. Maybe it’s because she hasn’t been apart of the Hollywood machine long enough to realize she’s being wasted. But in spite of the small role, she truly shines. Her 2 numbers showed not only can she act, but she can sing!

All the actors sing their characters songs. Some with more success than others. Kate Hudson does better than expected. I wouldn’t mind seeing her perform this at the Oscars should the ballot go that way (though I secretly hope Stu’s Song from The Hangover is nominated over this)

If you like musicals or enjoy Show choir (some of you reading this do), I suggest ignoring my advice. But if you want my perspective as an avid moviegoer and elitist critic, ignore this movie. 1 out of 5 stars


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