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The Blind Side

This is starting to sound like this movie will be Sandra Bullock’s “Erin Brockovich”. Seeing it with my family, I can clearly see why this movie is doing so well at the box office. It’s a feel good movie that pulls all the right groups. Football, strong women, and themes such as acceptance brings in almost all the big demos.

The Blind Side revolves around a woman who decides to take in a basically homeless student from her children’s school. At first, there is a bit of uneasiness with everyone involved, but as the film unfolds, the family starts to embrace their “new addition” as one of the family as he grows more comfortable being a part of it.

This film is very formulaic, but the cast elevates the film above an otherwise by-the-books film. I enjoyed the roller coaster that it takes your emotions on. From complete solitude to laugh-out-loud to overwhelmed happiness, it makes you feel how the characters feel. And when it doesn’t do a good job of that, the film takes on the feelings of its characters.

This is a good show to see with your family like I did, or even by yourself. I hope that coming Golden Globes, Sandra’s nominated. This, doubled with “The Proposal” this past summer, Sandra is having a great year. A good movie with a great actress deserves recognition. 3 out of 5 stars


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