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The Fourth Kind

After Paranormal Activity, my hopes of being scared by another horror movie again so was low. But The Fourth Kind delivers. In the same way as Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity, much of the most ominous happenings occur off-screen or in a manner that we can’t see.

The movie starts with a brief introduction by Milla Jovovich, acting almost as a disclaimer to what follows. The film is claimed to be based on actual events, but I, as of yet, have not been able to find evidence to support that. Regardless, the movie is a rare thing: A PG-13 horror movie that is actually scary*.

The story is about Dr. Tyler, a widower attempting to finish her late husband’s research. In Nome, Alaska, there appears to be some sort of strange phenomenon that is lead to a bunch of unsolved cases. With “interviews” (Quotes because I don’t know if they are real or simply a part of the script) that are acted out on-screen simultaneously, we get a sense of how these affected people are feeling. Tyler uses her psychological background to attempt to cure and/or understand what is happening to these people. Hoping that in some way, she find out what happened to her husband.

The interviews and “actual footage” is where the true horrors kick in. Even though I saw a good portion of it coming, it still made every hair on my body stand up. It made it such that I was afraid to move or leave my chair after the movie. To my credit, I saw the movie in an empty theater. Something that always elevates the scares when you are actually alone. So, despite a slow start, I give the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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