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An Education

**Contains potential spoilers**

Let me first start by saying that I thought this movie was going to be a romantic drama. What I got instead was a not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman films. But in this case, one that works.

Carey Mulligan plays Jenny, a girl in love with France and hopes to one day attend Oxford. The film begins with Jenny striving to be best prepared for Oxford after high school. Something her father, played by the humorously disarming Alfred Molina, pushes for a great deal. Everything appears to be status quo until a man one day gives Jenny and her cello a ride home in the rain. The man, played by the always brilliant Peter Sarsgaard, takes a liking to Jenny right away. And soon, the two are spending a great deal of time together as well as with his friends (Dominic Cooper & Rosmund Pike).

Things start innocent enough, but soon we learn of where Sarsgaard’s character gets his income. This inevitably leads to more realizations about their relationship that eventually lead to it’s undoing. This is where I expected the usual romantic drama wrap-up, but once again, my expectations deceive me. The remainder of the movie follows Jenny as she picks her self up after a bad decision and attempts to right her wrongs. The ending is one of happiness and of pride. You feel her accomplishment and relish in her independence. An Education I give 3 out of 5 stars.


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