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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

First off, I do have to say I’m probably Team Jacob. Team Edward and Team Jacob are the sides the fans choose over who they want Bella with. That said, here’s my review:

New Moon picks up almost seemlessly from where the first one ended. Not in terms of events, but in terms of continuity. A scare from a birthday party the Cullens (the vampire family), leads Edward and the rest of the family moving.  The bulk of the movie is about recovering from the loss of true love and trying to get back on your feet. Bella finds refuge in Jacob, a muscular Native American from the local tribe.  Together they grow close, leading to a “are-they-or-aren’t-they” subplot that pulls the viewer in. As the bond between Jacob and Bella strengthen, we are left to wonder how this affects her connection to Bella. The last half hour or so is Bella attempting to find Edward because he believes she is dead.

The plot of this movie, as well as the first aren’t strong, but the journey from beginning is one that can be enjoyed anyway. Where I liked the first one better, the second one has more meat to it. The characters are more layered and the complications of Bella’s feelings for both men are carefully displayed, yet restrained enough to elicit a mystery.  Director Chris Weitz does an excellent job of taking Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight’s director) and continuing it. Because neither director is truly striking or avant garde, their films meld into a consistent film.

Regardless of what “Team” you are on, this is good way to spend two hours. 4 out of 5 stars


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