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Law Abiding Citizen

By my count, this is Gerard Butler’s third movie this year. First Gamer, then The Ugly Truth (see review on this blog), and now Law Abiding Citizen. F. Gary Gray has built himself quite the M.O. His other most memorable film (to me) was A Man Apart with Vin Diesel. Another movie about a man who loses his family and attempts to teach those allowed the criminals to escape punishment.

Law Abiding Citizen opens quite quickly. Showing us the carnage that befalls Butler’s family and the deal (in lieu of trial) that Jamie Foxx agrees to. Fast forward 10 years and we see Butler orchestrate a painful death of both of the men who took his family from him. As the movie goes from there, it becomes less clear as it goes. He begins to kill all those involved in the case of his family’s murders. But to what conclusion?  Though a decent movie, the ending isn’t as cookie cutter as some want while simultaneously leaving it tidy enough to appear resolved.

There are a few great scenes of Butler and Foxx playing off each other. Without these two, this film would have been quite the bore. These two take a film to a level that isn’t greatness, but harmless viewing, and the B.O. shows. 2.5 stars out of 5


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