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Michael Jackson’s This Is It

 I’m not much of a concert movie guy. I like them separate, but together it’s hard for me to interpret. Do I stand or do I sit? That is my dilemma. But in this case, This is It is so much more. It’s a candid look at an icon preparing for his final performances, a study of what goes into a concert, and the last days of one of the most talented artists of the last century.

        Kenny Ortega, the choreographer turned director, puts together a rough set list and lets us just enjoy what the concert most likely would have been. It isn’t a prefect show, but that’s what is so interesting about it.  Piecing different rehearsals together to create a composite show almost void of anything except music. The brief interviews with his dancers and band only add to the intimacy of the experience. At times you see Michael going all out, only to see the audience is staff. But the staff is almost as into it as he is.
        Though Michael would have never allowed this footage out if he was still alive, it’s a wonderful tribute to see him preparing for the last big hurrah of his career. And though many have heard of his drug problems, he shows no signs of it here. It’s a truly great experience, and one for all ages. 3.5 out 5 stars

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