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In the Spirit of Halloween

As a fan of classic horror movies, it takes a lot for me to get scared. And when I do, I get this rush that I have become addicted to. Of all the horror movies I’ve ever watched though, only a few scared me. And some non-horror movies scarred me for life. So in honor of one of my favorite holidays (a tie with Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July), here is my list of the movies that actually scared me. F.Y.I. Some of my favorite horror movies aren’t on the list because they weren’t scary to me.

–Rosemary’s Baby– The last twenty minutes are unbelievable. You lose your mind trying not to look away

–The Blair Witch Project–How they build this “is there/isn’t there” tension that is perfectly topped with an ending that stops your heart

–The Fly (Chronenberg)–Geena Davis has a dream sequence in the movie that made me scream like a little girl

–American History X–All of it. But especially the curb stomp. The look on his face afterwards will haunt you.

–Jesus Camp–I’m a Christian, but these people scare the living shit out of me. And using my religion as rational for what they’re doing is truly disturbing.

–Elephant–Gus Van Sant basically reenacts the Columbine massacre. Minus the irrelevant homosexuality of the characters, it shakes you at your core. It puts you in the accident as you watch yourself react.

–Session 9–The dream sequence was what gave me goose bumps. The fact that the hospital used was an actual mental institution shut down for inhumane therapy makes it much more real.

–Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers–not a really great movie, but it’s the first horror movie I saw beginning to end. This is where it all started for me.

–Paranormal Activity–a no-budget movie that sneaks up on you and scares the shit out of you. An ending that is truly pitch perfect.


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