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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

What a fun experience! 3-D definitely made a difference. The vocal talent was awesome (when you got Bruce Campbell and Mr. T in the cast together, magic happens).

The movie revolves a boy named Flint, a wanna be inventor. But instead of the fame he strives for, disaster and failure always follow in its place. That is until he invents a new food processor; one that realigns moisture particles in the atmosphere into food. Finally, Flint has the spotlight. But all doesn’t stay that way. With a mayor constantly pushing the definition of obesity and trying to capitalize on Flint’s creation, and the townsfolk requesting more and more food, the machine starts to overload.

The plot is strong enough to get you through the picture. The strengths are its understanding of human connection, and portraying it in such depth that it moves you. From the cop and his son, to Flint and his father, to Sam (the weathergirl he likes) and Flint. Each shows a rich understanding of love.  The scene-stealer is Steve (voiced by Neil Patrick-Harris), a monkey who can vocalize his thoughts with one of Flint’s older inventions.

Fun for the whole family, 3-D or otherwise. Laughs and heart abound. Not as good as Up, but pretty damn good in it’s own right. 4 out of 5 stars.


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