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Jennifer’s Body

This isn’t a horror movie per say. Let me start with it.  What it is a movie about a strained frienship pushed even beyond its breaking point by a hunger for flesh.  Diablo Cody’s dialogue drenches the movie.  Hearing Megan Fox reciting Cody’s dialogue never clicked for me.  It was almost as if Fox was attempting to be smarter than she could be (acting). But the awkwardness works for this movie.  Everything about it is slightly off center, keeping an air of cleverness throughout the movie. 
Amanda Seyfried does an excellent job as the heroine/narrator of our story.  Adam Brody definitely hasn’t lost his indie charm, something he relies on heavily in this film. Fox does well considering she appears to be nothing more than a prop.  The humor each character and situation contains is slightly morbid, but quick and witty more often than not.  Tommy Tutone’s only hit song makes an appearance in this film that breaks the fourth wall, as if letting you in on the joke. 
Though it has the horror element, it works like a comedy.  If you like morbid humor and witty pop-culture laden bromides, give it a spin.  If you want to see it only because of Megan Fox, it may be over your head.  But when you get it, you’ll love it. So, to borrow my friends rating, 3.75 stars out of 5


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