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Halloween II

I don’t know what I expected this time around, but this was anything but bearable. Though someone suggested to me that it had a certain Lynchian quality (something I could agree with), it has no where near the depth that Lynch provides. The story is all on Laurie Strode this time, instead of following Michael around. This is the first film in the franchise to truly explore the psychological effect that Michael had on Laurie. I found myself bored and annoyed with the whole film. The only part that worked was the final scene involving Laurie and a reference to the beginning of the film.

Only because I like Scout Taylor-Compton in this role and the Lynchian atmosphere, I’m gonna give this movie another spin. But from start to finish, this is nothing more than a 1 star movie. Watch the original instead (the Rosenthal one). 1 out of 5 stars.


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