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The Hurt Locker

I was curious about this movie ever since it was nominated at the most recent Independent Spirit Awards (Indie oscars). What I saw was nothing short of amazing.

The film revolves around a bomb squad as they complete their last days of their tour of duty in Iraq. After losing the team’s previous IED (bomb) tech, a new man joins their team. Only, this man is more at ease with the situation than they believe. The man appears to addicted to the rush of adrenaline his job entails. This leads to many scenes that show the character underneath the uniform. He may thrive on the calamity of his assignment, but he has an almost connoisseurship of the eccentricities and attention to detail of a man without danger looming over his head. His joy seeking leads to friction with the rest of his team.

The ability of Jeremy Renner in his lead role to show the inner workings of the character without all the dialogue grabs you. The movie as a whole was a masterpiece. The ebb and flow of the plot felt realistic and moving. It successfully transplants you to a world and you feel immersed. I felt like I had completed a tour of duty thanks to precision of the sets and the atmosphere.

One thing that I relished in is that the movie isn’t a war movie in the same way most movies are today. Though it takes place in Iraq, it never gives an opinion on the war, it serves as nothing more than a setting. An indie movie and a war movie to boot, I give The Hurt Locker 5 out of 5 stars.



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